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President Obama Checks Stonehenge Off His Bucket List

President Obama Checks Stonehenge Off His Bucket List.

The President was so impressed with the cover and story for BlizzardSage he wanted to check out the location of the final showdown.



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A Message from Ike

Fund the campaign HERE

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$1000 Raised and Rising! Join the KickStarter!


$1000! Thank you Christine! We did it we are over the THOUSAND mark! Thanks everyone who’s pledged and prayed. Still a ways to go, but I feel a chill coming on!#FIghtaDemon #InspireKids #John1Five #KickStarter

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SandSage Prequel – Stretch Goal! SHARE the Campaign!


In HowlSage you read hints of what happened the weeks before the book starts. Somehow Jesse, Melanie, and Albert are linked. Well one of the stretch goals for the KickStarter is to write the prequel SandSage! Please consider joining the campaign and at the least SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE! Tell everyone, friends, family, classmates, coworkers, anyone you know on facebook, twitter, blogs, message boards, phone, email, telegraph, morse code, letters, pony express, smoke signal, flag waving! Let’s fund this and #FightaDemon! Down with the BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage!

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Amazing Art from Ally K – HowlSage and The Quest for Truth come together

I got this awesome artwork from Ally Ko. The Wikks from The Quest for Truth are meeting Taylor and Ike from Sages of Darkness. How cool is that, seeing these two groups interact? Ally is spot on with what I always imagined the characters to look like. Let me see your awesome fan artwork, please send it to info (a)

Ally Ko - Fan Art - The Wikks meet Taylor and Ike - 7-29-2013_Page_1

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BlizzardSage Teaser

Are you ready? BlizzardSage is coming soon.

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Like, Rate, Review

Thankful for good books, or just bored? Do me a super quick favor. Head here: Click on my books and click the like button on each title, then if you really want to help me and make me happy leave me a rating and review. Won’t take a more then a minute per book.

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Future of BlizzardSage

It is with disappointment that I write this post. The Sages of Darkness trilogy with Destiny Image has been cancelled.

Destiny Image has recently decided to end their fiction lines. The short of the story is that this effects the release of BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage. Don’t entirely fret yet, there is hope if you are a fan of HowlSage and want more from the series. Here we go!

The good news, BlizzardSage is written. The bad news is it needs an editor. The complicated news is I want to make the series more interactive.

So what can we do?

I am hoping to launch a KickStarter campaign in the next week to raise funds for editing and creation of the rest of the Sages of Darkness trilogy, as well as a revamp of HowlSage. My plan is to not only continue the story through BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage, but to write a prequel of SandSage and several other adventures from other characters we have met or you will meet in BlizzardSage. In other words I have met them, but you haven’t. But I think you will like them.

I really need your help to raise the money in advance to pay for the editing of these books. Also I want to make these versions better. I plan on adding photography of the characters through out each book and hopefully some Video Logs from the characters to make it more interactive. Won’t that be cool? Check out some photography samples below. Hopefully this gives you an idea of where we are going.

I want the Sages of Darkness reading experience to go from text on a page, to a full color media experience. I want you to feel immersed in the world of HowlSage, BlizzarSage, CrimsonSage and beyond. I want you to feel a personal connection to the characters. Does that sound cool? If so I need you to join me. Any amount is helpful, but my goal is a $1000 a book to cover the cost of editing, props for the photos shoots, website development, travel to locations, and more.


Please share this post and this need with anyone you know who might be interested in the series, or may have read it. I am excited about this series and where it may go.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Australia Day – TimTam – TimTam Slam – Books for Life Contest!

Apparently today is Australia Day!

I ate a TimTam which is apparently Australia’s favorite cookie (at least according to Pepperidge Farms.) This said I want to shout out to my favorite Australian family the Wilmots, and contributor to The Quest for Truth blog Michael Wilmot. Next up the TimTam Slam! The what?

So here is a challenge for those of you who are in the Win Books For Life Contest! Run to your local store and buy some TimTams then do the Timtam Slam; which is biting off both ends and sucking cocoa up through the TimTam like a straw! Then of course email your pictures to me! 500 points to those of you who send them in!

QuestForTruthContest (at) gmail (dot) com. Of course, when you email, replace the above (at) with the @ symbol and the word (dot) with an actual (.)

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HowlSage – Jinn attacks Taylor -Stop motion Lego

Ryan Matlock created another awesome video for Sages of Darkness. Check out this battle between Taylor and the jinn in HowlSage. Send me your awesome videos, fan art, and other cool stuff.

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