The End – #32 Author Scavenger Hunt Clue Entry

Here you are!
Looks like you’ve found all the clues, or you just need some help navigating the stops. Either way you have come to the right place. We hope you have enjoyed the scavenger hunt, and perhaps added several new books or series to your wish list in the process.  Hopefully you have also entered to win other prizes hosted on the individual stops, and if not feel free to use the links below to do so. You can find the complete list to author stops below:

32authorBookshelfStop #1 Brock Eastman
Stop #2 Alexander Marestaing
Stop #3 Karen Whiting
Stop #4 Nancy I. Sanders
Stop #5 Simonetta Carr
Stop #6 Donita K. Paul
Stop #7 LB Graham
Stop #8 Robert Treskillard
Stop #9 Douglas Bond
Stop #10 Morgan Busse
Stop #11 Rachel Starr Thomson
Stop #12 Serena Chase
Stop #13 Jenelle Schmidt
Stop #14 Amy Green
Stop #15 Chris Miller
Stop #16 Jonathan Friesen
Stop #17 RJ larson
Stop #18 Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Stop #19 Shannon Dittemore
Stop #20 Kerry Nietz
Stop #21 Jill Williamson
Stop #22 C.A. Beninati
Stop #23 J. L. Mbewe
Stop #24 Matt Mikalatos

Stop #25 DJ Edwardson

Stop #26 Robert Liparulo

Stop #27 Ronie Kendig

Stop #28 Heather Burch

Stop #29 James L. Rubart

Stop #30 Evan Angler

Stop #31 Scott Appleton

Stop #32 Family Fiction

Stop #33 Evangeline Denmark


Have you uncovered the entire secret phrase by going to each author stop and writing down the clues, in order of course? Now it’s time to enter the full phrase into Rafflecopter, enter the phrase HERE

If you cannot access Rafflecopter for some reason, email me thequestfortruthbooks (at) gmail (d0t) com with name, phone #, and the final phrase, and we’ll be sure to get you entered.

We will announce the winners in the evening on December 8th, 2013, so be sure to check back HERE then.



The Grand Prize winner: Renee Manning
2nd Prize:  Chris Morcom
3rd Prize:  Christa Scott

Congratulations to all who won! And thank you to everyone who participated. We the authors enjoyed your wonderful comments and appreciate the time you took to help us on our journey. Stay tuned, because we know so many of you enjoyed it and allof us authors did as well, we’re going to do it again in the future.

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56 thoughts on “The End – #32 Author Scavenger Hunt Clue Entry

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  5. Katie A

    I was really excited about this opportunity, but some of the stops aren’t working. At 3, 6-9, 16, and 33 I get page not found.

  6. shelly

    Stop #7 comes up not found.

  7. Just thought you may like to know…a number of those links are broken. Some others direct to the wrong page (some of which I never did find the post I was looking for). Here is the list of missing clues:
    6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 18, 32, and 33.
    #15 appears to exist, but is password locked, denying access
    The following links are incorrect, though the post does exist on their website, you just have to go looking for it. There were a few others, but I only started tracking them later: #24, 29, and 31

  8. I’m having trouble with a lot of the links.😦

  9. Sheri Gingrich

    Hi, I can’t find the page for the clue at #3, Karen Whiting. It says the page has been removed. Will this be fixed in time for me to finish the author hunt?

  10. I can’t access #3 or #18 to finish up the hunt. I’ll keep checking back to see if they are fixed.

  11. Linda Marie Finn

    Link 9 has no post pertaining to the scavenger hunt at all.

  12. Linda Marie Finn

    Link 7 still has no post there for the scavenger hunt

  13. Linda Marie Finn

    Link 8 is working now !

  14. Megan Wilson

    Just curious, is link #9 supposed to have a post about the hunt? If so, it doesn’t…

  15. Linda Marie Finn

    I still keep trying to email you and it is not working… is kicking back my emails to you, I wanted to change my entry due to your fixing some things…
    Linda Finn

  16. Linda Marie Finn

    Been trying all day, this is very frustrating to me and to others…this was not just a case of some not posting at the right time, which is still the case with Link 9, but a case of your not linking to the appropriate pages for posts and given what others are saying it is the case…. I cannot even email you at the email you stated, so what is up with that ?

    • Linda I’m sorry. I’ve been working to get the links in the right places. We’re almost there with the exception of one link I think, #9. Here is the email for you, because when I switched servers to make the rafflecopter work, it wiped my email address. Use this one thequestfortruthbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Emilie

    The two not working for me are #9 and #32. Question: once we do finish this, Do we need to have all punctuation and Capitalization correct, or just the words?

  18. I got all of the clues except for Douglas Bond’s – still nothing there at 8:00 EST…. but the phrase doesn’t seem to have room for a word where his would go anyway….. I entered what I got, and hoping I am not disqualified for that after all the reading I did:-) – if there is a missing word, and he ever puts it up, I’d like a second chance if I don’t qualify as it is.

    Is there ever going to be more books after Howl Sage? I’m not a kid, but read it and enjoyed it:-)

    • Yes that’s fine. We should have his up very soon. And I am so glad you liked HowlSage, BlizzardSage was delayed due to the publisher stopping fiction. Now I just need to find a new publisher or finish editing!:)

  19. Donna Hughes

    Clue # 9 does not have anything posted about the Scavenger hunt, nor could find anything at stop # 32 either.

  20. Dorena

    Link 9 and 32 have not post about scavenger hunt.

  21. Katie

    I entered! I hope it was alright even though there’s no clue for post #9. It seemed to make sense without it. haha thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone. (:

  22. Kara Grant

    Thank you, Brock, for ALL your efforts with this scavenger hunt! EVERY link works now and us readers can now submit answers without delay:) Best wishes to everyone who enters, Brock and the other participating authors have done a super job with this giveaway!

  23. stop #4 is broken… error message… so how do we get the clue?

  24. C Marie

    This has been amazing, and I would of course love to win something but even if I don’t, I just wanted to thank you for putting this together. It has been a blast, and I’ll barely mind if I don’t win anything!

  25. Sent you an email entry. Rafflecopter is very grouchy tonight! Keeps saying, “Aw shucks, we didn’t get your entry.” This was so great! Many, many thanks to all the authors for all the hard work.

  26. Jessica White

    i found them all except number 4 it kept saying

    Error 404 – File Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    it had said that for the past couple days can you please hurry and fix that sense it is over in two more days. thank you so much for putting this together it has been a blast!!

  27. Valerie

    Thanks so much for putting this together. I found out about some authors and books that I hadn’t heard of before that I’ll be adding to my reading list!

  28. Jessica White

    thank you so much it is fixed now. Because of this you have shown me 32 authors that i didn’t even know were out there. thanks a bunch for the time you have put into this it has been a lot of fun and has definitely made me want to check out there books i know what i want for Christmas now!!:) Thanks again and Merry Christmas

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  30. Julie

    Brock, thanks for putting this together AND for authoring books that I know are safe for my boys (who, by the way, are loyal fans of ANYTHING you write!) I wish the best of luck (just an expression!) to all who completed the hunt.
    I now have an even longer list of books to read and add to the growing pile on my night stand!! Thanks!!:)

  31. Molly R. Moody

    Thank you so much. I was able to get both #3 and #4 to come up for me this evening but there’s still some trouble with #3. There was a black box on the upper right covering the little tab you can pull down and there was also a box blocking the down arrow on the bottom right. Thank goodness I could just put my cursor in the area and click and it would scroll the page for me.

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