The Winners of the #32 Author & Family Fiction Scavenger Hunt…


If you missed out on all the great articles, interviews, and cool content from the many authors here is a list below so you can go discover some great new books!


Stop #1 Brock Eastman
Stop #2 Alexander Marestaing
Stop #3 Karen Whiting
Stop #4 Nancy I. Sanders
Stop #5 Simonetta Carr
Stop #6 Donita K. Paul
Stop #7 LB Graham
Stop #8 Robert Treskillard
Stop #9 Douglas Bond
Stop #10 Morgan Busse
Stop #11 Rachel Starr Thomson
Stop #12 Serena Chase
Stop #13 Jenelle Schmidt
Stop #14 Amy Green
Stop #15 Chris Miller
Stop #16 Jonathan Friesen
Stop #17 RJ larson
Stop #18 Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Stop #19 Shannon Dittemore
Stop #20 Kerry Nietz
Stop #21 Jill Williamson
Stop #22 C.A. Beninati
Stop #23 J. L. Mbewe
Stop #24 Matt Mikalatos

Stop #25 DJ Edwardson

Stop #26 Robert Liparulo

Stop #27 Ronie Kendig

Stop #28 Heather Burch

Stop #29 James L. Rubart

Stop #30 Evan Angler

Stop #31 Scott Appleton

Stop #32 Family Fiction

Stop #33 Evangeline Denmark



The Grand Prize winner: Renee Manning
2nd Prize:  Chris Morcom
3rd Prize:  Christa Scott

Congratulations to all who won! And thank you to everyone who participated. We the authors enjoyed your wonderful comments and appreciate the time you took to help us on our journey. Stay tuned, because we know so many of you enjoyed it and allof us authors did as well, we’re going to do it again in the future.

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One thought on “The Winners of the #32 Author & Family Fiction Scavenger Hunt…

  1. I win 32 books! That’s awesome! So…anything I need to do to claim my prize?

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