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Taken, Risk, Unleash, Tangle, HowlSage, BlizzardSage, and Showdown with the Shepherd will be signed by Brock and can be made to whomever you wish. Please include name to be ‘signed to’ in the notes.

Taken (Quest for Truth – Book 1) – $12.99
Read the first 2 Chapters of Taken HERE:

Join the Wikk siblings as they race through space to save their parents who have been kidnapped by the sinister Captain Vedrik. Their only hope is their parents Archeos e-journal which contains clues that point the kids to their parents next mission-an archeological dig to find remnants of an ancient human civilization. They must rely on Oliver’s academy training to fly their ship but problems arise when twins Mason and Austin unexpectedly meet a secret race of people called the Blue People.

The Quest for Truth series follows the four Wikk kids in their desperate race to find the mysterious planet Ursprung and stop the Ubel renegades from misusing its long-lost secrets. Ancient cities, treacherous villains, high-tech gadgets, the Phoenix–encounter all these and more on this futuristic, interplanetary adventure.

Risk (Quest for Truth – Book 2) – $12.99
Read the first 2 Chapters of Risk HERE

As Oliver leads his siblings on their search for their parents, they are taken to a remote planet called Evad. Here they must evade the swarming Ubel soldiers, out run stalking black creatures, and stay free of snaking vines, all while trying to unlock the Truth and find clues to set their parents free. In the second installment of The Quest for Truth series, Risk, the kids will face greater dangers and more complex puzzles. They’ll meet new people, and have to decide to trust them or not. Will the kids rescue their parents or be captured themselves?

The Quest for Truth series follows the four Wikk kids in their desperate race to find the mysterious planet Ursprung and stop the Ubel renegades from misusing its long-lost secrets. Ancient cities, treacherous villains, high-tech gadgets, the Phoenix–encounter all these and more on this futuristic, interplanetary adventure.

Unleash (Quest for Truth – Book 3) –  $12.99

Read the first 5 Chapters of Unleash HERE:
Claws raised, mouth open, it was coming for her!

unleash cover final 10-18-12_SMALLGame on! The Wikk kids must unleash fresh courage in the face of new adventures! Working as a team, they face their greatest dangers yet: lies, betrayal, a frozen planet, and fierce lizards that want to eat them all! Facing their fears and searching for answers, Oliver and Tiffany slip into a high-security laboratory while Mason, Austin, and Obbin battle Corsair pirates and make a shocking discovery! Will they be able to unlock the truth about Creator and take the next step? Will you?

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Tangle (Quest for Truth – Book 4) – $12.99

Tentacles wrapped around as the creature from the dark, pulled him deeper.

The Wikk kids have been separated on their quest to find humanity’s home planet. Reunited with his parents, Mason makes new friends and clashes with old enemies on board the sinister Übel ship, theBlack Ranger. Meanwhile, Oliver, Tiffany, and Austin race to rescue their friend Ashley from a toxic moon—and find themselves in more trouble than they’d bargained for.

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Coming Storm (Quest for Truth) – $5.99

Obbin isn’t your average boy, he’s a prince of the Blauwe Mensen. What’s more he’s blue. A story from The Quest for Truth series by Brock Eastman, Coming Storm, gives readers a fast paced adventure from the character Obbin. Winning a race against his brother Rylin to the top of a tall Oak tree, he spots a ship falling to his planet. After going against his brother’s warnings, Obbin finds himself face to face with the Wikk twins, Mason and Austin, and their ship the Phoenix. When a trade with them goes badly, he finds himself handing on for his life.

Order a black and white print copy here or a full colo Kindle copy here:

Black and White edition: CreateSpace-Logo

Full color edition so you can appreciate the amazing interior art by Brandon Dorman: CreateSpace-Logo

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HowlSage (Sages of Darkness – Book 1) – May 2015

This is the revised and expanded version of HowlSage, It has been rewritten in first person present tense and matched the style of the other books in the series. The author recommends reading the new version before you read BlizzardSage.

Dust Jacket – $29.99

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Paperback – $16.99

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BlizzardSage (Sages of Darkness – Book 2) – May 2015
Dust Jacket – $29.99
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Paperback – $16.99

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BlizzardSage is the second thrill-packed book in the Sages of Darkness series—picking up where the very popular HowlSage left off. To rescue his father, Taylor and his young, brainy friend Ike descend into the mineshaft to find the EtherPit—but the evil jinn has other plans.The monk continued, “Last, I must caution you. There are many things we as humans do not know of the demon world. Rely on God and trust in His sovereignty and you will overcome.

Taylor and Ike find themselves at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Machu Picchu in Peru, Stonehenge in England,  Plitvice Lakes in Croatia,  Bagan in Myanmar, and other unique locations worldwide as they overcome evil with the power of the Almighty

Showdown with the Shepherd (The Imagination Station Series from Adventures in Odyssey)  – $3.99
The key to adventure lies within your imagination! Cousins Patrick and Beth go to the Holy Land in the tenth century BC. Their goal is to get back the ring Hugh stole and return him to 1450s England where he belongs. But troubles await them as soon as they step out of the Imagination Station. First they meet an angry bear and later an angry giant. Set against the backdrop of the David and Goliath story, the cousins learn that having a giant faith is more important than having a giant on your side.

Wasted Wood 

Kindle Cover - Wasted Wood - 7-18-2014

“This is not the way home. This is never the way home!”

Folklore of a Tree Troll has always been whispered about in Misty Peaks. But now Hudson must decide if he believes it or not. Should he take the shortcut through Wasted Wood or should he go around and guarantee he’ll be grounded.

Order a paperback copy here, a Kindle copy here, or a Dust Jacket copy here:

HowlSage (Sages of Darkness – Book 1) – $5.99 ($14.99) – 1st Edition from Destiny Image
WARNING: This is not the revised and expanded edition of the book. The new HowlSage is written in first person present tense, which is what other books in the series will also be written in. Thew newer version also has additional scenes and revised characters.
HowlSage, the first of a series, is a fast-paced, exciting, and suspenseful action story about Taylor, a 14-year-old who is part of a secret society whose mission is to destroy the evil sages that walk the earth. As Taylor doggedly vows to solve the mystery of his missing father, does a pretty schoolmate’s distraction cause dangerous consequences?A coffin discovered in Egypt, a jewel heist, and holes that swallow people into the darkness form the crux of the adventures that keeps hearts pounding. They race against the calendar and the wickedness that faces the world during the full moon on October 31. Will the sage hunters defeat them in time?With the help of his cousin, Jesse, and younger friend Ike, a budding scientist, they tackle the world of the unknown with bravery—armed with the Cross of Jesus and the Sword of the Bible.

57 thoughts on “Author Shop

  1. A

    how do you buy a book on this page I’ve tried clicking which book I want to buy but it doesn’t work?

  2. Jesse

    How do you get a signed copy? Or do they come pre-signed?

    • When you order the book in the Author store, you enter the name it should be signed to in the notes and then I personalize and ship it to you.

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  4. Denise

    Do you combine shipping when multiple books are purchased?

  5. Mother Lydia

    There doesn’t seem to be a link to buy the three books together. Is that correct?

  6. Arlene Knight

    I have ordered the 3 book series of Taken, Risk and Unleash. The S&H comes up as $8.97. Is this correct?

    • @Arlene, if you select the option in the author shop that has all three books bundled, you should only pay $5.99 shipping.

  7. Arlene Knight

    I tried to order the books but it wouldn’t let me finish checking out so the order was cancelled. Correct or does it still show on your system?

    • I don’t see the order so it did in deed cancel. Can I help you order it? Why did it not allow you, did it give a reason. So far over 30 orders have successfully processed today.

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  10. Kaitlin

    When is BlizzardSage coming out?

  11. Hope

    Brock, I want you to know that my daughter (9) raves about your books. She has plowed through the 3 available Quest for Truth series books in less than a week and is clamoring for books 4 and 5 . : ) Now she wants me to read the series as well, so we can talk about them together. I will do it! Thank you!

  12. Hannah

    You came to me school a little bet back. I go to eureka middle school. I had bought howlSage and in the back it said you were going to rite about the BloodSage are you?

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  17. I bought Tangle August 23rd and it hasn’t got here yet. I don’t think I pre-ordered it, so about how long does it take to get from where you ship it to Rolla,MO?

  18. I guess that’s okay. I loved Unleash and I bet Tangle will be worth the wait. I’ve been thinking about buying some of your other books. Is HowlSage a creepy story? is it futuristic or ptresent day?

    • HowlSage is current time, it’s a bit creepy at times but not to scary. It deals with spiritual warfare, demons and a demon hunter. It’s a Christian based book so its nothing on the secular side of demons. Good lessons inside for kids. 9 year olds have read it and provided good feedback. so I think you might like it.

  19. Emma Smith

    I purchased the HowlSage book and Tangled book on Sept. 3. I have not recieved any email confirmation or shipment. When can i expect them to arrive?

    • My apologies, I will get HowlSage shipped out today. If you would like I can refund your purchase of Tangle and you can reorder when it does release. I am very sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for reading the books!

  20. Tanya Smith

    I purchased Howlsage and Tangled at the end of August. I understand that Tangled will not release until spring. However, I still have not received Howlsage. When should I expect it. Tanya

    • My apologies, I will get HowlSage shipped out today. If you would like I can refund your purchase of Tangle and you can reorder when it does release. I am very sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for reading the books!

  21. Katharine Hope

    Do you have a release date for Blizzard Sage yet? I’m dying to read it!! Katharine

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  24. Lauren

    I had a question about your signed books. I pre-ordered Tangle in september and i noticed you said that pre-orders will ship signed with some extra stuff. Will i get the book signed or did i misunderstand?

  25. Lauren

    No, i don’t think so. does that mean that i will have to cancel my old order and do it again with the information you want or can you just make it out to me?

  26. catluver

    I haven’t seen any posts that say a release date for Tangle, and it’s already mid-spring. Do you have a release estimate?

  27. I’m being told end of summer, but that’s it. Everything is turned in at thid point.

  28. catluver

    So you’ve given the book to the publisher and it’s up to them? :(

  29. Yes. The book is in and now we wait! Its not time to be sad but to celebrate!!

  30. catluver


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  32. lj

    Hey! If I pre-ordered in Sep 2014, will i get it signed and get the other stuff? Plus, when should i get the book?

  33. I ordered tangle in sep 2014, will it come signed and with the extra stuff? Also, it’s not that far from the actual book release date and I had the impression we pre-orderers would receive the books a week or two earlier.

  34. Katharine

    Do you know when the pre-ordered books will arrive?

  35. Either the coming Friday or next Tuesday.

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