Asking #Questers to assist me in the #TQ4T Glossary

I am looking for a few #Questers who have read through all three Quest for Truth books and would like to help me with some information gathering. I’m working on an extensive glossary covering the places, ships, people, and other items in the series, as well as a timeline of events for the books and an errors and mistakes document. If you would be willing to read through the books again and wouldn’t mind helping I’d appreciate you joining me. You will be sent links to a set of shared Google docs to collect the information. As a reward you’ll receive a signed copy of Tangle and your name in the acknowledgments of either Tangle or Hope. I’ll start with selecting three to five people to assist. If you are interested please email me at thequestfortruthbooks (a) gmail (dot) com. Goal for completion is November 30th. #TQ4T

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Edits for Tangle

After a lengthy discussion with the editor for Tangle we decided to eliminate one of the characters. It was a hard discussion, but it will make the story stronger. This is the first time I had to do this with the series. But it’s good, because this story has gotten larger and when everything should be drawing to an end, it feels as though its just getting bigger. I believe you’ll love the fourth installment of The Quest for Truth, it builds on Unleash and doesn’t hold back from any of the continuous action. We learn more about our characters and meet a few new ones, but most importantly we start to see why Faith is so important. #TQ4T




In the comments below, please share who your favorite character is and share why?

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FUNDED! We did it. Sages of Darkness is coming your way next year!

We did it. We’re at 100% of course the campaign doesn’t end until midnight tomorrow night, so if you still want in you can join.

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98% Funded. 27 Hours and $90 to go. It’s your last chance to be in the books.

This is it, the last few hours of the campaign are coming to a close. It’s your last chance to join and get your name in the book or bump up your pledge if you were wanting a grander reward. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the team that makes the Sages of Darkness possible. For as low as $5 you can be in the acknowledgements among your fellow readers. #FightaDemon.

Sages of Darkness - Kickstarter Header

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56 Hours left! 86% funded with only $665 to go.

The final days are here for us to release BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage. If you haven’t backed the project yet, please consider even $5. This level will get your name in the back of the book and push us that much closer to the release of the series. #FightaDemon and click HERE to join Taylor and Ike on an exciting adventure!

Here are few examples of the awesome rewards you can choose from:

$5 gets your name in the acknowledgements
$35 gets you all three e-books in the series
$75 gets you all three paperbacks
$150 gets you dust jackets
$250 gets your name in the book as a minor character
$750 gets either BlizzardSage or CrimsonSage dedicated to you
$2500 brings me to your school or church to speak
$4000 gets your a Sages of Darkness book with you as the character

You can also copy and paste this link: or go to and search for Sages of Darkness.

Don’t want to back with dollars, but want to support the series, share the image below and the link above. Thanks for your support! Telling just one friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, or church member will make the difference!

EYES Graphic for Sages of Darkness

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Sages of Darkness is 65% Funded and Tangle releases in Spring 2015

Final push! 8 Days and we are 65% there. Won’t you consider backing the Sages of Darkness KickStarter. Just $5 will get your name listed in the acknowledgements, or get someone else’s name listed as a Birthday or Christmas gift. Your help and prayers are so appreciated. I really want to release BlizzardSage and so do many of my readers. Won’t you help make that happen? Let’s #FightaDemon


And I’ve had lots of questions and search results for the release of Tangle which is very exciting and humbling to me! Right now Tangle is scheduled to release in Spring 2015. But please keep me in your prayers, because of the stories complexity and the size of the series, this one has been harder than any book before it. I think the final book will be well worth the wait as it’s quickly become my favorite yet! So hang with me a bit longer and please if you think about it keep the editing team at P&R and this author in your prayers. It’s going to be great!


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55% Backed and a lot of Thank yous! 12 days to go!

Thank you to so many people for your support, we’re 55% funded with 12 days to go and 31 backers! If you haven’t joined yet, please consider doing so soon! If you have backed watch the video for a special thank you!


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52% of the way to funding Sages of Darkness – Will you help us release the books?

Please consider supporting the campaign for Sages of Darkness. We’re going to finally release BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage as well as a completely revised HowlSage, in both paperback, ebook, and hardback! It’s going to be awesome and you’ll finally get to read the conclusion to Taylor’s mission. BlizzardSage has been written since 2011 and it’s waiting to be edited and released. You can help, and the good news is you won’t be charged anything until the campaign completes on October 15th and only if we hit 100% funding! So please consider joining us in releasing the series!


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KickStarter 36% Funded


Are you planning to back the campaign, let me know in the comments below.

Sages of Darkness - Kickstarter Header


We have reached 36% funded for the project at $1,755 raised. With 21 backers that’s a lot per backer, but you only need to give $5 to be included in the acknowledgements. And $5 gets us one step closer to our goal. Consider backing the Sages of Darkness campaign so we can finally release BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage. Join us in the #FightaDemon campaign!

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President Obama Checks Stonehenge Off His Bucket List

President Obama Checks Stonehenge Off His Bucket List.

The President was so impressed with the cover and story for BlizzardSage he wanted to check out the location of the final showdown.



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