KickStarter 36% Funded


Are you planning to back the campaign, let me know in the comments below.

Sages of Darkness - Kickstarter Header


We have reached 36% funded for the project at $1,755 raised. With 21 backers that’s a lot per backer, but you only need to give $5 to be included in the acknowledgements. And $5 gets us one step closer to our goal. Consider backing the Sages of Darkness campaign so we can finally release BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage. Join us in the #FightaDemon campaign!

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President Obama Checks Stonehenge Off His Bucket List

President Obama Checks Stonehenge Off His Bucket List.

The President was so impressed with the cover and story for BlizzardSage he wanted to check out the location of the final showdown.



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A Message from Ike

Fund the campaign HERE

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$1000 Raised and Rising! Join the KickStarter!


$1000! Thank you Christine! We did it we are over the THOUSAND mark! Thanks everyone who’s pledged and prayed. Still a ways to go, but I feel a chill coming on!#FIghtaDemon #InspireKids #John1Five #KickStarter

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SandSage Prequel – Stretch Goal! SHARE the Campaign!


In HowlSage you read hints of what happened the weeks before the book starts. Somehow Jesse, Melanie, and Albert are linked. Well one of the stretch goals for the KickStarter is to write the prequel SandSage! Please consider joining the campaign and at the least SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE! Tell everyone, friends, family, classmates, coworkers, anyone you know on facebook, twitter, blogs, message boards, phone, email, telegraph, morse code, letters, pony express, smoke signal, flag waving! Let’s fund this and #FightaDemon! Down with the BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage!

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BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage release! KickStarting Sages of Darkness now! Join me #FightaDemon #John1five

Sages of Darkness - Kickstarter Header Today CrimsonPulse Media has launched the KickStarter campaign for Sages of Darkness. You can finally complete your collection of books with BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage. Plus find yourself a whole lot of unique rewards. Some are limited to 1 person only, so go take a look before they’re all gone. You can join me in supporting the KickStarter campaign by visiting it HERE. Please consider fighting a demon with the #FightaDemon hashtag in your tweets.

Thanks early funders OdysseyFan, Craig C. The Hibbard family, and David H. You guys are awesome!


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Sages of Darkness KickStarter Coming 9/1 – Sneak Peek Now!


 You’ve been asking for BlizzardSage, well here it comes. With your help I’ll be finishing BlizzardSage and CrimsonSage and releasing them early next year. You can get an early preview of the campaign at KickStarter right now. Comment what you might be interested in funding. There is something for everyone. FUND it HERE.

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Q&A on my publisher’s blog

Click on the link and head over to P&R’s website to read a new Q&A with me. Do me a favor, like, comment, and share it on your social media. You can read the interview HERE.

If you come back and answer the following questions in the comment section I’ll send you one of the new bookmarks for Tangle when the book comes out (offer ends 9/30/2014).

1. What book(s) am I reading now?

2. What fluffy word did I add to increase my word count?

3. What is my favorite movie?

And yes it’s okay to publicly comment the answers. Honesty is the policy.


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Writing Process Blog Hop

So I got tagged for this author blog hop by Donita K Paul and Serena Chase about authors’ writing processes. There are indeed many future authors who want to see the inside to how the books they love are created. In fact I’m one of those people. Whoever thought of this blog hop had a great idea and you may want to try tracing the links all the way back to the source. If you do that, good luck and may the force be with you, or something like that.

What am I working on at the moment? I am in the process of editing Tangle (Book 4 in The Quest for Truth) and loving it. We (My editor and I) had a lot of discussion over the additional characters I added or neglected, key plot points, and the big how does this setup the last and final book in the series. So I am editing, editing, writing, and editing this book. I’m also preparing a Kickstarter for HowlSage (Sages of Darkness), BlizzardSage, and CrimsonSage so I can finally get those books done.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I think the spiritual element to my writing is the biggest difference, when you recognize the One who saved you, its hard not to include Him in all you do, including writing. I also think my ride by the seat of my pants on the writing adventure also makes me differ a bit. A lot of my author friends love that thing they call the OUTLINE, I (sigh) don’t so much like it. Of course having one for Tangle would have probably allowed me to write it quicker, have less edits, and make more sense. But then again it also feels like shackles to my sporadic in the moment creative bursts. Did any of that even make sense?

Why do I write what I do? God opened to many doors wide open for me not to. If I look back on my how I got published story and all the things I’ve done along the way, then it’s easy to see what He wanted me to do. None of this has been because of my talent trust me. It’s all been Him.

How does my writing process work? Ugh. Click back and look at Serena Chase’s collage of images, it’s pretty awesome. Okay, I’ll use a bunch of one word answers.

Coffee. Reread. Idea. Think. Water. Procrastinate. Write. Procrastinate. Think. Snack. Water. Write. Reread. Write. Procrastinate. Think. Tea. Think. Idea. Doodle. Write. Water. Procrastinate. Snack. Facebook. Idea. Write. Apple Cider. Procrastinate. Pinterest. Water. Idea. Snack. Write. Procrastinate. Coffee (Decaf.)  Think. Write. Reread. Water. Think. Idea. Write. Water. Write. Water. Write. Idea. Write. Water. Reread. Write. Think. Write. Water. Write. Reread. Think. Water Write. Reread. Think. Notes. Water. Sleep.


Now it’s time for your next stops

Thanks for tagging me Serena Chase and Donita K Paul. And now it’s my turn to tag an author, so I tag Robert Liparulo. Look for his post next week sometime. Plus checkout this especially fun post by Lisa T. Bergren.

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Homer Hickam and Andrew Klavan interviews + Wasted Wood $0.99 + Post #600

I continued to have the pleasure of writing for Family Fiction Edge. Recently I released Q&As  on Homer Hickam’s Crater TrueBlood and Andrew Klavan’s MindWar. Both were exciting reads and fun interviews. So take a moment and read July’s issue of Family Fiction Edge HERE and the August edition HERE.


Kindle Cover - Wasted Wood - 7-18-2014And Wasted Wood is $0.99 on Kindle Fire, plus you can get a discount on a print copy if you read the article on Wasted Wood in the August issue of Family Fiction.





And maybe most exciting this is post #600 on my blog! Woot quite a milestone I think, let’s shoot for 1000.

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